Rebuild Day 7: Tuesday 11 August 2015

Final day. Beautiful weather and a lot of work to be done. It is good to be able to report that we finished the dining room, lined interior and exterior, door fitted, windows made and rewired for the lights. The roof is also done – all flashings on and completely finished.

It was a very full on day which concluded with a lovely farewell and celebratory meal with several from the PWMU and several from the head office of the PCV in attendance.

The team are pretty shattered now, but a sense of satisfaction and a sense of gratitude to be able to participate in this special project.

Our thanks again to all of you for your ongoing support.

Blessings from the Team.

The new roof on the project house.

The new roof is now complete.

The new windows and door to the dining room.

The windows are in and the dining room has a door again.

The interior of the dining room.

The dining room is completed inside as well!

The team dressed in the new outfits given to them.

The team looking great in the new outfits presented to them.


Rebuild Day 6: Monday 10 August 2015

Another glorious day in Vanuatu – but this made it very very hot on the roof! In spite of the heat, we have made good progress today with the main roof largely finished, and the dining room walls all framed up and exterior cladding on. Tomorrow is our last day as we leave Vanuatu at 7:00am on Wednesday. This is quite daunting as there is still a huge amount to do, but we can only do what we can do. It was a real blessing today when another kiwi, Graeme McKenzie from Matamata, came to help us and will be there tomorrow too.

The team are all incredible – they work at 100% all day – and are all shattered by sundown. No cross words in spite of some real challenges and a real sense of camaraderie has developed between us all. There is much to be thankful for.

Blessings from us all, Simon, David, Caleb, Jon, Marty and Paul.

Caleb and Marty work on the ceiling in the new dining room.

Caleb and Marty work on the ceiling in the new dining room.

The framing for the new dining room going up.

The framing for the new dining room going up.

The exterior walls of the new dining room have now been added.

The exterior walls of the new dining room have now been added.

The new dining room is ready for the windows and door to be fitted.

The new dining room is ready for the windows and door to be fitted.

Rebuild Day 5: Sunday 9 August 2015

Sunday. A chance to sleep in a little before heading off to church on Ifira Island. What a blessing this turned out to be, as the service was celebrating the 70th anniversary of the birth of the PWMU – and it was begun by Ms Skinner who was a missionary from NZ. The whole service was taken by the PWMU and it was incredibly special to be there, a bunch of New Zealanders, who are there in partnership with the PWMU.

After church we were honoured guests while the cake was cut and the food was served.

Ifira is a beautiful island and it was very sobering to see the damage done by the cyclone. On the way back to Port Vila, we also saw quite a number of boats wrecked by the cyclone as well.

All feeling refreshed tonight and ready for the last few days.

Blessings from the Team, Jon, Caleb, Simon, Marty, David and Paul.

The team traveled by boat from Port Vila to Ifira

Taking the boat from Port Vila to Ifira Island.

The children's talk during the anniversary service.

The children’s talk in the service.

This little one was perfect for the whole 2 hour service!

This little one was perfect for the whole 2 hour service!

A dog in the service.

Even the dog came to the service!

Cyclone Pam uprooted trees on Ifira.

Uprooted trees: damage caused by Cyclone Pam.

Some banana boats tied up off shore on Ifira.

Banana boats tied up off shore.

Rebuild Day 4: Saturday 8 August 2015

Today we woke to clear skies and a good forecast – so it was the day for the main roof.

As soon the old roof was off, we could see the difference from the building code in NZ! So the first few hours was spent strengthening the structure and then on with the iron.

It was very hot on the roof – and we went through more than 20 bottles of water between us – and one of the team ended up doing a good impression of a cooked lobster – the result of not enough sunscreen!

We have been delighted with how the hardware store has come to the party – not only do we have all our materials – they have been delivering our orders for new materials within a couple of hours of ordering them! I have done so many trips there over the last few days that they now greet me by name!

We still have a lot to do – but are very pleased with what has been achieved so far.

Thank you to you all for your support and your prayers – it makes a real difference.

Blessings from the whole team!

Beefing up the roof by adding more rafters.

Strengthening the roof by adding more roof beams

The new roof is being added.

Making progress on the new roof.

The expanse of new roof iron looks really great!

The new roof looks great!

Rebuild Day 3: Friday 7 August 2015

What a day! The rain held off for most of the day today – so much more comfortable for the team working. Today was mainly about rebuilding the dining room that we demolished on day 2 – and we managed to get the rafters up and new roof on – and it would be one of the strongest builds I have ever seen.

The guys get on really well, which makes it thoroughly enjoyable – and that is important as we are all working incredibly hard.

The other amazing blessing is that Neville has lent me his quad bike which I have used for multiple trips to the hardware suppliers for extra suppliers. The main supplier has really come to the party, and is delivering materials that I can’t carry on the bike within about 3 hours of ordering!

The roof is on the dining room – so tomorrow will be about finishing the walls and hopefully getting it lined – and if the weather allows – maybe start on the main roof. Thanks to so many for your prayers and support – we really appreciate it.

The team built this scaffolding.

The team built this scaffolding to help with the high work.

Beefing up the rafters for the new roof.

The team beef up the rafters ready for the new roof over the dining room.

The rafters going up for the new roof.

The new rafters going up over the dining room.

The roof over the new dining room.

The new roof for the new dining room is now in place.

Working on the second dining room wall.

The second wall for the dining room takes shape.

Rebuild Day 2: Thursday 6 August 2015

Another eventful day. Awoke to misty rain and wind but got underway early. The room that lost its roof came down very quickly and then it was trying to problem solve as we started the reconstruction of that room. The rain continued pretty much all day, but the team kept at it – even though they were soaked through. I spent much of the day chasing up the missing materials and by the end of the day it was virtually all delivered, which we are very thankful for.

Back Room Demolition 1

The back room in the process of being demolished.

Back Room Demolition 2

The view from inside as the demolition proceeds.

Back Room Build 1

The back room demolition is complete and ready for the new walls to be erected.

Back Room Rebuild 2

The new framing for the back wall.

Rebuild Day 1: Wednesday 5 August 2015

It has been a long day leaving home before 6.00am to pick up the team and get to the airport in time for 9.00am check in. Everything went very smoothly, and we managed to get all the heavy bags through without paying any excess baggage fees.

The flight across was smooth and uneventful, and I think that most of us managed to get a little shut eye on the way.

Port Vila is humid and sticky today with misty showers most of the afternoon. Neville met us at the airport and took us to the PWMU Project House where we received a wonderful Vanuatu welcome from Ennie and Cyrilline, along with a beautiful afternoon tea.

Ennie greets the team in the kitchen of the Project House.

Ennie greets the team in the Project House.

The rebuild team are given a warm welcome by Cyrilline and Ennie

The team are warmly welcomed by Cyrilline and Ennie.

Then it was down to work – checking all the materials and working out the plan of attack for tomorrow. Sadly, some of the materials have not been delivered (even though they had told us that they had been) so I will be visiting the hardware store and the roofing company first thing tomorrow to try to get the materials delivered – same day!

Off to bed now…..more tomorrow.


Paul and the team