Rebuild Day 4: Saturday 8 August 2015

Today we woke to clear skies and a good forecast – so it was the day for the main roof.

As soon the old roof was off, we could see the difference from the building code in NZ! So the first few hours was spent strengthening the structure and then on with the iron.

It was very hot on the roof – and we went through more than 20 bottles of water between us – and one of the team ended up doing a good impression of a cooked lobster – the result of not enough sunscreen!

We have been delighted with how the hardware store has come to the party – not only do we have all our materials – they have been delivering our orders for new materials within a couple of hours of ordering them! I have done so many trips there over the last few days that they now greet me by name!

We still have a lot to do – but are very pleased with what has been achieved so far.

Thank you to you all for your support and your prayers – it makes a real difference.

Blessings from the whole team!

Beefing up the roof by adding more rafters.

Strengthening the roof by adding more roof beams

The new roof is being added.

Making progress on the new roof.

The expanse of new roof iron looks really great!

The new roof looks great!


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